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It is here! Our new album, Resonance (2011) is now available for purchase!
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Since 2001, Asefa has been honing the sound presented on "Resonance." Through original compositions and arrangements, novel orchestrations that combine instruments from disparate lands, and with a heavy dose of the communal spirit needed to make our music, we present a collection of songs that comes from the heart. Our foray into the piyyutim (poems) of the Sephardim (Iberiaís Jewish diasporic community) is guided by a love for tradition, innovation, and reinvention. We incessantly journey through the present and its past, from mountains in the east to oceans in the west, touching down for several moments throughout this album to look around with our ears and to see what we can create.

Samuel R. Thomas tenor and soprano saxophone, naíi, bendir, vocals
Elie Massias vocals
Yehoshua Fruchter oud, guitar
Noah Jarrett bass, sentir
Eric Platz drumset, dumbek
Richard Stein percussion

*Rabbi Mihael Kakon vocals
*Rachid Halihal violin
Go to to sample the music and for more details on purchasing. You can buy the CD with its beautiful packaging and liner notes or download the digital album for your iPod or computer. Resonance is also now available from iTunes, Amazon, and Napster.

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Asefa -- Asefa (2005)

The landscape covered here is wide. Asefa, the self-titled debut recording released in 2005, displays the diverse traditional and contemporary styles of music from around the Jewish diaspora. One can feel the very connectivity that has helped the Jewish people endure. While an emphasis is on Middle Eastern and Sephardic Jewish musical traditions, a trip into the heart of Klezmer can occur as well.

This album features the fine work of Shanir Blumenkranz on Oud and Bass, Eric Platz on Drums and Percussion, and Elie Massias on Vocals and Guitar.

Jerusalem Post | Klezmershack | NYC Jewish Music


Audio Clips

**If you are having trouble with the flash audioplayer, below are audio clips that will play in any browser.
Aliz: Meaning playful in Hebrew, this is an original composition using the bayati maqam.
 Largo: An original arrangement of Riad al-Sonbati's "Longa," featuring new taqsim.
 Marrakesh Rumble: Marrakesh Rumble recreates the spirit of Djemaa el-Fna.


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