Private Events


ASEFA provides high-quality music for several different types of private events — weddings, cocktail parties, fundraisers, bar/bat mitzvah parties, and private dinners. For Jewish weddings, we specialize in being able to play for diverse groups, and especially for couples that want an inclusive approach to their event (traditional elements mixed with modern tastes).

For the toe-tapping dance music we cover so many styles and persuasions, including modern-rock and jam-band music to simha and Israeli dance; think James Brown channels Shlomo Carlebach or Dave Matthews meets David Schweke. For the mellow moments we offer magnificent Jazz, soulful Sephardi ballads or Chassidic niggunim, and an array of Motown and jazz ballads. We can really run the gamut, with true musicality and quality performance, from traditional to contemporary.

As a real working band, several styles of music are at our fingertips, including many Jewish – hora, klezmer, Israeli, Sephardi-Mizrahi, Ladino – and pop music styles – jazz, reggae, Top40, world fusion, funk, R&B, Motown, Americana, bluegrass.

We are uniquely versatile and draw on so many different styles of music that we are often contracted to play for non-Jewish events as well. Ultimately, we work with all our clients, customizing our musical sets to fit the event and the crowd. That is part of our personalized service to each client!

Audio Clips

  1. Wedding Medley -- A collection of short clips, including hora dance songs, chuppah ceremony music, traditional klezmer, jazz, bossa nova, classical solo oud/guitar, Sephardi/Mizrahi, Judeo-Espagnole ballad, Asefa originals, and Carlebach songs 7:13
  2. Ceremony Music -- processional, welcoming blessing, concluding songs 5:53
  3. Dance Music -- Pop, Rock, Blues 1:25
  4. Simha/Hora Dancing -- Niggun Neshama 0:52
  5. Simha/Hora Dancing -- Barukh Elokenu 0:41
  6. Traditional Klezmer 1:10
  7. Sephardic -- Ki Eshmera Shabbat 1:07
  8. Carlebach Kumsitz 0:51
  9. Syrian Tarab Music 1:55
  10. Upbeat Middle Eastern Takht Ensemble 1:17
  11. Ladino, Flamenco, and Classical Guitar 1:46
  12. Solo Oud -- Arabic Guitar 0:20
  13. Solo Na'i Flute (King David's Flute) 0:56
  14. Jazz Trio 0:33
  15. Jazz Vocals 0:49
  16. Bossa Jazz 1:02
  17. Original Asefa - Hai Goalenu 1:14

Music Menus

Our goal is to create a wonderfully delectable menu of music for your special event or big day. Working with you to help organize the timing of your event, we custom craft music programming together. The time spent with our clients and the quality of our performance is what we call customer service. For us, anything short of this is unacceptable.

Download these sample Music Menus to get an idea of how we can weave the music into your event.



Pricing For Your Event

Depending on your event, we customize the size of the ensemble and the amount of time we are on site. These are the two most important factors for determining pricing. We are based in New York, but we have performed all over the world. Thus, a secondary factor is travel. All options and pricing are negotiable. We believe strongly that music plays such an important role in making your event memorable. If you have gotten to this point on our website, we know you must feel the same way.

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