ASEFA Concert Ensemble

ASEFA performs worldwide, in different ensemble setups, at festivals, concert stages, community slide_acenters, and university campuses. Because our music is so steeped in the diversity of the world’s musics, we love bringing our sounds to the world! Getting the chance to bring our music to communities, large and small, is a real pleasure.

We’re firm believers that the concert experience is an experience shared by the performers and listeners together. You can sample some of the music we play in concert and read about us in the feedback/testimonial page on this website.

Audio Clips

  1. Allah Hu Echad 1:26
  2. Hai Goalenu 1:14
  3. Aliz 1:02
  4. Habibi Yah Habibi 1:16
  5. Ki Eshmera Shabbat 1:07
  6. Lecha Dodi 1:09
  7. Marrakesh Rumble 0:58
  8. Dark Eyes 1:35
  9. Largo 0:57
  10. dukiyumClip 0:20
  11. Halleluyah_Yemini 1:09