ASEFA Concert Ensembles

ASEFA concert ensembles perform music in different setups of 3-6 musicians, emphasizing traditional and/or contemporary styles that highlight musical cultures from the Mediterranean World.

The traditional setup draws upon a pan-regional repertoire of pieces in Hebrew, Arabic, and Ladino, highlighting exchange between Muslim and Jewish cultures in Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, and Iraq.

The contemporary setup includes traditional and original pieces, drawing from North African, Middle Eastern, and Jazz sources. The music is a balance between respecting the authenticity of traditional styles and pushing the boundaries with modern inventiveness and innovation.

The instrumentation of ASEFA includes vocals, saxophones, oud, violin, electric and flamenco guitar, bass, guimbri, drumset, and percussion

Audio Clips

  1. Allah Hu Echad 1:26
  2. Hai Goalenu 1:14
  3. Aliz 1:02
  4. Habibi Yah Habibi 1:16
  5. Ki Eshmera Shabbat 1:07
  6. Lecha Dodi 1:09
  7. Marrakesh Rumble 0:58
  8. Dark Eyes 1:35
  9. Largo 0:57
  10. dukiyumClip 0:20
  11. Halleluyah_Yemini 1:09