Asefa (ah-sé-fah): (noun, אספה) A collective, assembly or gathering, with purpose.

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18 May 2017


May 18, 2017 Double Bill! Sam Thomas & Alon Nechushtan duo; & Nicole Borger (from Brazil!) 8:30-9:45 Alon Nechustan (Israeli pianist and composer) and Samuel Torjman...
02 April 2017

CityWinery NYC – Traveling in Pairs

Samuel Torjman Thomas and Alon Nechustan Jazz stylings, Jewish melodies, Mideast grooves. Saxophone and piano duo, with additional instruments — oud, bendir, na’i, melodica, vocals...
03 March 2017

Sephardic Kabbalat Shabbat

Temple Israel of Boston Ethnomusicologist and professional musician/singer Dr. Samuel Thomas will lead Kabbalat Shabbat favorites to Sephardic melodies. After services, there will be an...

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